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Tattoo Baby Doll: Tattoo Spice

by Sherri Wood
Tattoo art by Maya Ventura
Embroidery, found doll
26" x 16" x 13"

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Tattoo Baby Doll photo

Begun in the context of the Dainty Show, the Tattoo Baby Dolls have become a distinct project that has taken on a life of its own. It is a collaboration with female tattoo artists from across the country. It combines embroidery and tattoo in an effort to record and examine some of the images and roles defining and empowering women today.

Statement by Maya Ventura, tattoo artist:

I named this little girl "Tattoo Spice" because the doll in her natural state reminded me of one of the Spice Girls, who predictably have a few tattoos and piercings between them. It's a summation of young women in the 90's. She is a testimonial to the growing popularity of tattoos amongst the hip model wannabe's crowding our collective consciousness in bars, magazines, tattoo conventions and on TV. She is today's formula "Girl You Want." With actresses, rock stars and models blazing the trail into the tattoo subculture, the intense desire to emulate our heroines begins with the obvious and most a star or just look like one! Tattoos are a heck of a lot cheaper and a lot less dangerous than a boob job, or collagen injections. The easiest way to look like your favorite star is to get the same tattoo as her! Add a Bettie Page haircut, a couple of piercings, some skin tight clothes and Voila! you can be special, too. One might say "you're only young once, so you might as well enjoy it." Fair enough, just think twice before you tattoo your favorite band's logo on your chest or copy Pamela Anderson's tribal backpiece. After all, what happened to all those Cher imitators after she had her tattoos removed?

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