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Make your own Tattoo Dream Doll

Here's How:  All you need to do is find a cloth bodied baby doll - either at a thrift store or you can probably buy one new at the toy store. Then take your doll to your favorite tattoo artist (or draw your own tattoos) and ask them to draw and shade the tattoo directly on the doll's body with colored pencils or permanent markers. Then you can embroider over the drawings to create your own tattoo doll. Stitch right onto the cloth body. You do not need to make knots. Just start and end your thread about an inch away from where you are stitching and leave a short tail. Afterwards trim the tails to the surface of the doll. If you aren't good at embroidery, a special family member or friend might really enjoy doing the embroidery for you. The tattoos are so interesting that the embroidery is quite fun.

IMPORTANT: If you do decide to make your own doll, please write a story about her and take an electronic photo of the completed doll and send it to me - eventually a section of the website will be dedicated to showing the homemade, hand embroidered tattooed baby dolls made by people all over.

Happy Sewing!



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