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What is Dainty?

Dainty Synonyms

...according to the 1946 edition of ROGET'S POCKET THESAURUS

298. FOOD

N. eatables, victuals, edibles, grub, meat; bread, viands, delicacy, dainty, creature comforts, ambrosia; good cheer, good living.


N. tastiness, palatability; delectability; appetizer, hors d'oeuvre. delicacy, titbit, dainty, ambrosia, nectar.

V. be savory, tickle the palate, tempt the appetite, taste good.

Adj. savory, tasty; good, palatable; pleasing, nice, dainty, exquisite, delicate; delectable, toothsome, appetizing, delicious.

829. [Capability of giving pleasure] PLEASURABLENESS

N. pleasantness, agreeableness, pleasure giving, amusement, etc., treat, etc., dainty titbit, sweets, sweetmeats, nuts, salt, savor.

V. delight, charm, gladden, bless, captivate, fascinate; enchant, entrance, enrapture, transport, bewitch, ravish. please, satisfy, gratify, satiate, quench, indulge, humor, flatter, tickle; tickle the palate, refresh, enliven, treat, amuse, take one’s fancy; attract, allure; stimulate, excite, interest.

Adj. pleasurable, pleasure giving, pleasing, pleasant, amiable, agreeable, grateful, gratifying; acceptable; dear, beloved, welcome, favorite. refreshing, comfortable, cordial, genial, glad, gladsome; sweet, delectable, nice, dainty, delicate, delicious. attractive, inviting, prepossessing, engaging; alluring, enticing, appetizing, cheering, bewitching, enchanting. delightful, charming, felicitous, exquisite, lovely, ravishing, rapturous; heavenly.


N. beauty, form, elegance, grace, symmetry, bloom, delicacy, refinement, charm, style; comeliness, fairness, polish, gloss; beautifying, decoration, ornamentation, etc.

V. beautify, set off, grace; decorate, etc.

Adj. beautiful, beauteous, handsome; pretty; lovely, graceful, elegant, exquisite, delicate, dainty. comely, fair, well formed, shapely, symmetrical, harmonious. bright, bright-eyed; rosy-cheeked, rosy, blooming. trim, tidy, neat, spruce, smart, jaunty, dapper. perfect, unspotted, spotless, immaculate; undeformed; passable, presentable, tolerable, not amiss.


N. fastidiousness, nicety, hypercriticism, discrimination. epicure, gourmet. excess of delicacy, prudery, prudishness, primness.

V. be fastidious, split hairs; turn up one’s nose at, disdain, discriminate, have exquisite taste.

Adj. fastidious, nice, delicate, meticulous, finicky, exacting, hard to please, difficult, dainty, squeamish, thin-skinned; querulous; particular; critical, hypercritical, overcritical. prudish, strait-laced, prim.

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