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by Sherri Wood
Tattoo art by Juli Moon
Embroidery, found doll
26" x 16" x 13"

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Tattoo Baby Doll - Angelina

Statement by Juli Moon, tattoo artist:

Tired of being so plain, she wanted to be fancy, protected and uplifted!  Angelina started with the small heart on her left hip.  Frequently, people do start their tattooing process with a little, discreet design, then progress to bigger images and more coverage as they realize the validity of tattooing for their physical journey.  Recognizing her angelic nature, she wanted to see her own wings and being a spirited, imaginative doll, she sought the gaudy plumage of a jungle bird, an Amazon parrot or macaw.  Later on, she added side panels just for the pure joy of the curves on her body!  Finally, desiring one awesome tribal piece, she imagined a counterpart to her right hip, except this one would go all around her thigh.  This piece is outlined and not quite finished; the shading is incomplete because we are eternally, "works in progress!"


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