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Goddess Babe

by Sherri Wood
Tattoo art by Jennifer Moore
Embroidery, found doll
26" x 16" x 13"

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Tattoo Baby Doll - Goddess Babe

Statement by Jennifer Moore, tattoo artist:

Goddess Babe chose the deliberate process of tattooing to transform her life.  Born the middle child in a family of 3 brothers and 3 sisters, she came into this world with the name Brigitte Marie and was supported by a good Irish Catholic upbringing.  In the glorious days of her wild and misspent youth Goddess Babe found the power of music and dance which changed her life.  Starting with the eye in her lower back Brigitte began her transformation to become the powerful winged fire, water woman of strength and beauty that she is today!  She wears the eyes of wisdom and the wings of freedom.  The serpents twisting up her spine represent the energy unfurled through her ecstatic body.  The flames on her heart convey the passion of her devotion and the ocean waves represent the depth of her dreams, emotion and intuition.  Delighted to live in a world of wonder and mystery, Goddess Babe celebrates each new day as an adventure and welcomes each new heart and soul she greets along the way.  In addition to her tattoos, Goddess Babe enjoys the traditional art of mehendi and face painting.  She loves the versatility of changing the designs to suit her daily moods.


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