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Lydia's Protege

by Sherri Wood
Tattoo art by Sarah Peacock,
Embroidery, found doll
26" x 16" x 13"

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Tattoo Baby Doll - Lydia's Protege

Statement by Sarah Peacock, tattoo artist:

"Lydia, oh Lydia, oh have you seen Lydia...?!" Marx Bros. Lydia's tattoos represent many strengths and great courage. She wears a combination of Western & Eastern art; the 3/4 "robe" reflects traditional Japanese tattoos of the irezumi, whilst the imagery belongs to American "old school." Both touch on remarkable beauty, but also give light to social taboo... the Japanese irezumi (literally those with the "insertion of ink") are still very underground. In America it is acceptable for a woman to have one or two delicately placed tattoos, but a fully covered woman is perceived on a much different level, someone to be glimpsed at, watched, commented on, but rarely approached, and often feared. To achieve a full bodysuit of this proportion takes great commitment and endurance for both the wearer and the artist. For this reason I have immortalized Lydia in the backpiece, nestled upon the sacred lotus, under the canopy of tattoo machines, glowing like the Madonna of Guadalupe. On her front, mermaids swim alongside coy carp, giving strength through the waters of the emotions. The bluebirds on her chest show the miles she has traveled on her journey to completeness. So take a good look at Lydia and reflect on her beauty. Next time you see here, go and talk to her.


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