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What is Dainty?

What is dainty?

Sherri Wood & Andrea Lekberg began asking that question in the fall of 1997 when they discovered a mutual interest in domestic work and girlhood fantasy as a source and inspiration for art. In the spring of 1998 on a trip across country, they developed their fascination with all things dainty into a concept for a show that would include individual work nurtured through a collaborative dialogue. The Dainty Show debuted at Lump Gallery in Raleigh, North Carolina in February of 1999.

Be our guest and take a peek.

In addition to showcasing our work on the subject of dainty and beyond, this web site serves as a next step toward furthering, deepening and broadening the dainty dialogue. We are asking fellow artists and friends, as well as visitors to the site, to share their wicked prissy stories and delightful ruminations on being dainty.

For ourselves, dainty is a humorous word that includes food and femininity, delicacy and cleanliness. It supports a host of synonyms that were once considered the epitome if not the genetic identity of womanhood.

With the utmost of hospitality we invite you to join us in playfully exploring the feminine ideal...enjoy!


This web site was made possible with funding from Western Carolina University Department of Art, in conjunction with their exhibition of The Dainty Show from January 16 to February 9, 2001 at the Belk Gallery.


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