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Who We Are

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Growing up, I didn't consider myself dainty. I wasn't a tomboy either, just a nerd who didn't much like fussing with her hair or playing with dolls. When great-grandma tried to teach me to crochet or knit, or grandma wanted to show me how to properly dissect a chicken, I tenaciously resisted. But everyone was happy to let me draw or read, for the most part. Only occasionally did my mom impose her own penchant for teased hairdos and trendy fashions upon me (most often on holidays and school picture days). But now I do regret not learning some of the traditionally "feminine crafts." Those I know that do practice them (mostly women-- surprise) seem to derive tremendous satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment from their ability to create tangible, practical items. I can make a web site or write a program, but I can't knit my infant niece a pair of booties or sew myself a set of curtains. At least I can sew on a button and cook a decent meal, which makes me a goddess in the eyes of my husband, at least.

In designing this site, I subconsciously distilled a lot of visual messages received over the years from makeup ads, douche commercials, etc. I don't do projects like this often, so it was quite enjoyable to play with images and concepts that have so many levels of interpretation.

* * *

Born and raised in Southern California, I've always been dabbler and could never decide what I wanted to be when I grew up. Went to UCLA and majored in Communication Studies-- something cross-departmental and vague because I couldn't decide on something more specific. Mulled over going to graduate school, but could never decide what the heck to focus on for that long. Floated among various techie-oriented jobs for quite a few years, and finally was happy to settle into Web development because I can utilize a lot of different skills, which keeps things just a little bit more interesting. My perfect job did not even exist until I was well into adulthood, so I guess it's not surprising that I had trouble deciding what to do.

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